What to do if red wine is spilled on your carpet

How can I remove red wine from my carpet

We’ve all been here before. You decide to relax for the evening, and what you’re at it why not open a bottle of red wine. You drink your wine bottle over to where you are sitting. What are you pouring the wine you’re disturbed by something on the TV. You lose your concentration. And the next thing you know half a glass of wine spilt all over your brand-new carpet.

You quickly begin to wonder what to do next. Red wine is one of the trickiest stains to remove from carpet. This is especially the case if the carpet is a light colour. Red wine can really get inside the fibres of the carpet and leave a dye like colour for all to behold. Over the years red wine has been one of the items that all carpet manufacturers will warn you of at the point of buying a new carpet. “We don’t protect against wind spillage” is the usual comments left on the packaging of any carpet purchase.

Fresher Carpets Coventry

All is not lost. Over the last five years, there has been incredible progress in the field of carpet cleaning. The cleaning industry is learning how to remove many different types of stains. Counter solutions have been developed to cater for many different types of carpet stains. These solutions work incredibly well. Much of the time you can not recognise the original stain.

Carpet cleaning solutions information

These solutions, however, are not available to the general public. This is probably due to each of the solution having its own set process. Some can actually be quite complicated to use. We offer spot cleaning as part of our carpet cleaning service. If you have a stain on your carpet from Red wine or any other food source which cannot be easily removed. Give us a call we will tell you over the phone whether or not we can remove the substance and what price we charge.

Does this really mean red wine does not equal a brand-new carpet? The answer to this is yes. You do not have to remove and change your carpet anymore due to a simple wine stain very similar to coffee stains. Wine stains can successfully be removed from carpet no matter what colour the carpet is. Things are really changing in carpet cleaning world for the better. A carpet clean can really bring a carpet back to life.

If you have old looking carpets. Why not give us a call to find out what we can do. Some of the spending your carpet me actually be removed. Bringing your family or business carpet back to life. We have done this for many of our clients. And it’s always a nice feeling to know that you were saving your client hundred pounds. This is the money they would’ve had to pay for new carpets.

We are generally able to give you a quotation over the phone. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We have a lot of knowledge at cleaning carpet stains that we are happy to share with you. So don’t delay callers today.

How to remove coffee stains from your carpets

How can I remove a coffee stain from my carpet?

Coffee is a drink enjoyed around the world. We love its flavour, it’s alertness and pretty much everything about it. As soon as it hits our carpets however we are in absolute turmoil. Coffee can be one of the most difficult products to remove from a carpet. It has an ability to hold on to the fibres even when the carpet has been scrubbed and cleaned.

There was a time when cleaners and carpet cleaners would be in constant terror of having to tackle a coffee stain on a light coloured carpet. As time went on, new solutions were found that enabled coffee stains to be reduced drastically. As further time has gone, we now have the ability to completely remove coffee stains.

What are the things to be aware of when removing coffee from your carpet

When you were trying to remove coffee from your carpets you must run a number of tests to ensure that you choose the right solution to tackle the coffee stain. The first thing you must be aware of is that type of carpet you are about to clean. As mentioned previously in the blog, there are two types of carpets. You have a tufted carpet and a weaved carpet. There are solutions which can be used for either type of carpet. You must also check whether the natural colours of the carpet will run using a solution. There are tests which can be run to find this out. Finally, you must find out what material that carpet has been made from. There are solutions catering to different types of carpet fibre.

It is important that you take these tests into account when cleaning your carpet. As the incorrect use of carpet cleaning solutions can result in damaging your carpet permanently. At fresher carpets, we run our rigorous 15 point checking system. This is checking system make sure we leave no stone unturned. We taking all information regarding the carpet before we do any type of cleaning to it. So if you get a coffee stain on your carpet, give us a call. Our team of agents available to help you with any information or booking one of our technicians to come to the property.

How many times can you clean your carpets?

How many times in a year can I wash my carpets?

For many years the question of how many times you can clean your carpets has been hotly debated within the carpet cleaning world. You have one side that feels passionately that carpets should not be washed more than once per year. We have another side which feels that if the right process is used, carpets can be cleaned every day if the client so wishes. The lines have been drawn, and each carpet cleaning company has taken aside.

The answer is carpeted can be cleaned as many times as the client wishes. I will explain why I am so sure at this point.

The solution is used in carpet cleaning have changed over the years

One of the most important points in carpet cleaning is making sure you use the right solution for the job. There are many factors which determine what type of solution to use. There is firstly the type of carpet, is it a normal carpet or weave carpet. Another reason could be the type of staining on the carpet. So different solution would be used in a restaurant to that of a home. Many years ago carpet cleaning solutions would use some strong and harsh chemicals. These chemicals would have to be rinsed from the carpet. If any trace of these chemicals was left behind. It may have harmful side-effects for the house owners. Over time these chemicals will make safer and safer. Where now we actually have incredibly green and friendly solutions that are biodegradable. This means that no trace of the chemicals is left behind. Leaving a fresh clean carpet with nothing else. This change in the solutions we use is one of my reasons for carpet cleaning to be done more often than in the past.

We use less water in carpet cleaning than before

As carpet cleaning has made advances in solutions it uses, there have also been advances in equipment used in carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning machines have been improved upon year after year where they now have amazing results compared to what was possible 10 years ago. The water pressure which beats down on the carpet has increased by 100 or 200%. This helps to break down any sort of areas of the carpet. The suction rate has also increased. The Vacuums which are based in carpet cleaning machines have become much stronger than ever before. This means that the water in the carpet can be sucked up adding greater rate. Leaving a much drier carpet. This is actually quite an important point. As one of the most important things on a client’s mind is how quickly the carpets all dry. However, it has also been a reason suggested as to why carpets should not be cleaned so often as water left behind can damage to carpets. With more water being removed from the carpets once cleaned, carpets can be cleaned more often.

So these are my reasons along with over 20 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, for believing that you can wash your carpets as many times as possible. As long as the carpet cleaning company you use, have eco-friendly solutions and the latest in carpet cleaning equipment.

Does my carpet shrink if its washed?

Will my carpet shrink if it is washed?

Types of carpets react differently when washed. The main types of carpets are firstly a tufted carpet. Tufted carpet is where different fibres are stringed together to form a tuft. These carpets have some depth to them. These can be seen in most homes across the UK. The second type of carpet is called a weaved carpet. This is where a single strand of fibre is weaved to make a carpet. This type of carpet usually lies flat. You can see this carpet and most hotels lobbies. There are advantages and disadvantages to either type of carpet.

The benefits of a weaved carpet

  • A weaved carpet is more tough and durable that a tufted carpet. This is because the fibres have not been broken, resulting in no weak areas of the carpet.
  • Different types of patterns can be woven into the carpet. A weaved carpet can come in many types of colours and patterns as the fact that it’s been weaved makes this an easy process.

The benefits of a tufted carpet

  • A tufted carpet does not cost as much as a weaved carpet.
  • A tufted carpet is able to provide some depth to the carpet. As the strands of fibre are usually lined vertically they allow for a cushioning effect which many people enjoy.

Now back to the question. Many weaved carpets are also strung together with another fibre called “jute”. This is a fibre which is known to shrink when exposed to water. Jute has been used much less in recent years but it is still important to check a carpet before any type of cleaning takes place to confirm whether or not jute has been used.

Once all the checks are done, if jute has been used the carpet cleaning technician should simply use less water on the carpet and also not leave any water to dwell within the carpet. So this would mean to vacuum all water straight back up as soon as it makes contact with the carpet. This is where the importance of using a skilled carpet cleaning technician that is knowledgeable on these and more issues.

Fresher carpets Coventry run a variety of checks on each carpet before undertaking any work. The check ensures we choose the right cleaning solution and the correct cleaning method for each job. This also means that we ensure our client’s carpets are not damaged and we are able to perform the very best job.

In conclusion, your carpet can shrink if it is a weaved carpet and jute has been used to weave it. However, shrinkage can be avoided if you use a skilled carpet cleaning technician. You can give us a call and discuss any questions you have regarding shrinkage and we will be happy to help. Shrinkage is becoming less and less of an issue in carpet cleaning but it’s still good to be on the safe side as we still hear the odd horror story every now and again.