How often should you have your carpet cleaned?


If you have many carpets at home, you must find the best way to keep them clean. Dirty carpets can be harmful to health because they provide a good breeding ground for pests and bacteria. They can cause several allergies. In addition, they can give the room an unpleasant and musty odour. However, they certainly face many problems when it comes to cleaning carpets, as it is very painful.





If your carpets are slightly dirty, you will have to vacuum them weekly. You should also clean the stains as soon as the dirt falls on the carpet, or at least if you notice them. If you have children or pets at home, your apartment will be very dirty. Children will surely drop food on the floor, while animals may lose a lot of hair or even urinate on the carpet. You should vacuum your carpets twice a week or even every day, depending on how dirty they are. You must also monitor the damage to be able to clean it immediately.



Even if you work hard to keep your home clean, be sure to do a professional carpet cleaning. The fact is that some areas will have much more traffic than others and need a renovation instead of just cleaning them. You will also notice that deep stains are not removed, even if you try to clean them at home. Blood and urine are notoriously difficult to eradicate. A professional carpet cleaning service will have access to the best equipment and materials. In addition, it employs people with great experience in this work. You can choose the right technique and equipment for specific problems.



It is advisable to use a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year, as long as you often clean your carpets. High traffic areas may require professional cleaning twice a year. Restoration works are less necessary; Every 18 months, it’s usually enough for carpets if you have a normal-sized family with only one or two pets. Then you can keep your home clean and free of diseases and allergens.



If you are single and do not have a lot of traffic on your carpets, you may need to clean them every two years or even more. If you take care of your carpets by vacuuming every two days and raking your carpet, you should do it every two years.  You can do this by using our services.



If you have a family with children, that’s another story. Due to the heavy traffic, even vacuuming every two days and raking the carpets, you must do it twice a year to avoid heavy traffic. This will significantly extend the life of your carpets. In the end, you save money, because cleaning costs only a few hundred dollars since it costs more than several thousand dollars to replace them.



The only thing that should be taken into account is to clean the carpet before it gets worse. Do not wait until the carpet looks horrible. As soon as you notice some points here and there and start seeing these signs of heavy traffic, call a specialist and do it.


When you should call a professional carpet cleaner

When is it time to call a carpet cleaner in Coventry

Having carpets can be great. They allow us to sit in use the floor for our pleasure. They also keep us warm, As the floor remains at room temperature. However, they do have some negative points. Carpets are a huge filter. They can absorb that and germs, As they usually cover the entire area of the house. Anything dropped onto the carpet or any drinks built will be absorbed and remain on your carpet. Once we start to think about this we realise just how dirty the carpets can become if not cleaned on a regular basis. So the act of cleaning your carpets is actually quite an important one.  Fresher Carpets provides this service across Coventry and Warwickshire.

When is the right time then to clean our carpets? This question has been debated by the carpet cleaning profession for over a decade. The reason there is a debate is due to the belief that many feels cleaning the carpet can in some instances damage the fibres. So if cleaning is required it should be limited to only a certain amount per year. The amount of times a carpet should be cleaned yearly differs depending on who you talk to. Some believe that you can clean your carpet monthly, and others believe that once a year is the right amount of times to clean your carpet. In truth, it’s hard to put a figure on this as there are many factors which play a part. Ranging from the type of carpet you have to the solution is used for cleaning.

If we break down the types of carpet cleaning into two clear strands, we can name them a simple rinse, and a deep clean. A simple rinse does not have a major effect on damaging any carpet fibres. It usually involves pushing water into the carpet and then sucking the water back out along with dirt. This can be a less damaging way to clean the carpet. It does not, however, hold the strength of a deep clean. A deep clean involves the application of the solution to break down that within the carpet, and also separate machinery for agitation of this solution within the carpet. When we refer to agitation we are talking about the rubbing of solution into the carpet fibres. As you can imagine this can cause damage to fibres if done on a regular basis. On the plus side, however, A deep clean can help move nasty stains and dirt from the carpet with ease.

When looking at how often you should clean your carpet it is important to take into account these two factors. Choose the method you require based on the stains and condition of the carpet that needs cleaning. We hope you found this blog post useful, stay tuned for further help with carpet cleaning problems.

How to choose the best carpet clean professional

Choosing a carpet cleaner with success

Carpets can absorb a huge amount of dirt dust and germs over a period of time. Just think about it. We walk over carpets with our shoes on bringing in the ferry that from the streets into our front rooms. Sounds pretty gross right. All this is what’s happening in homes across the UK each and every day. To take this a step further. In Britain, we are a country of pet lovers. Our pets venture into every muddy and dirty place our locality has to offer and then make it into our lounge. Get the picture. All of this that will find its way into our carpet.

So what can we do about this? Well, the obvious thing that we can do is regularly clean our carpet. This sounds so obvious, Yet something many of us often put on the back burner.

Stairs and landing cleaning

There are however many people who regularly get the carpets cleaned. Ask any of these people what problems they encountered while booking a carpet cleaner. They will tell you the same thing. Not all carpet cleaners are the same. You will find many cowboys in this industry. Cowboy is someone without the skill, experience, training, and machinery to do professional carpet cleaning on your property. This sounds like something out of a movie. However, UK trading standards catch as many fraudulent carpet cleaner each and every year.

I will now explain in detail what things we should look for when hiring a carpet cleaner.

Make sure the carpet cleaning firm has the necessary equipment. This is such an important point. A carpet cleaner is only as good as his tools. So when booking a carpet cleaner ask questions on their machinery. Make sure they don’t have a cheap machine, Such as a Karcher.

Make sure the carpet cleaning firm has been in business for longer than a year. Many carpet cleaning businesses fold within the first year. The reason for this is not caring about the clientele. A business which has been run for more than a year indicates the cleaner knows how to deal with customers and perform a good job.

Make sure the carpet cleaner has good online reviews from existing customers. There is so much we can learn from past customer experiences with the tradesmen that we are yet to hire. Ask the carpet cleaner for past references or testimonials. This is a great way to find out what past clients think of the carpet cleaner.

Ask whether for solutions to be used for carpet cleaning or eco-friendly. Some carpet cleaners use harsh solutions which are irritant to the skin. Traces of the solutions are left behind in the carpet can cause redness and soreness on customers skins. It is crucial that the carpet cleaner uses eco-friendly products that are safe for the human skin such as those used by Fresher Carpets.

If you observe the above points you will be able to choose a skilled carpet cleaner and not be hoaxed into falling for a cowboy. I hope you enjoyed your article. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come. Peace in the Middle East.

Why carpet cleaning is so important when you have children

More facts about the importance of carpet cleaning with small children

As a parent, you want to keep your children as safe as possible. You teach them to look both ways when they cross the street and to wash their hands before eating. You stick to a regular cleaning schedule, including vacuuming the carpet in your house. Unfortunately, carpets can be seriously gross if you do not invest the time and effort to ensure they are properly cleaned at least once, if not twice, per year. This is especially important when you have children because they spend so much time playing on the ground.

What is lurking in your carpets?

Women jumping on the carpet

Carpets can be home to a variety of bacteria, including e. Coli and norovirus. Every time you, your kids, or your
dog come home, you could track these germs into your house. Microbiology studies of carpets show they could have 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making carpet 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. This is because carpets absorb everything and vacuuming usually recycles already dirty air.

Similarly, allergens like pollen and dust get trapped in carpet fibres. Dust mites especially love carpet because the eat skin cells we shed that remain in our homes. While allergies may not be as life, or illness threatening as bacteria, they are still difficult and uncomfortable to live with. Ensuring proper cleanliness of your carpets will help your family feel its best.

Finally, carpets are a hot spot for mould and fungus, especially when they aren’t able to dry properly after getting wet. Mould can be dangerous to inhale, as it may cause or exasperate respiratory issues like asthma and can cause infections in people with weakened immune systems.

How to keep your carpet clean

To keep a clean carpet, you should vacuum on a weekly basis. To avoid recycling the dirty air, clean your vacuum and sanitize the filters and brushes with an anti-bacterial wipe. This will help eliminate some germs and many allergens, including dust and pollen.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to eliminate, or even fight mould, with typical home-cleaning tools. This is partial because consumer models of carpet cleaning systems are simply not as powerful as those produced for professional cleaners. Additionally, truly cleaning mould out of your home will require significant protective gear, including a mask, to avoid inhaling dangerous spores. Because of this, in order to keep your home as clean as possible, experts advise hiring professionals twice a year.

Professionals will typically subscribe to either the water extraction or the dry extraction method to clean a carpet. The dry extraction method utilizes a dry absorbent compound to break down soil which is then vacuumed up. Water extraction is more commonly known as steam cleaning and involves pushing a solution into the carpet, then pulling
it, and dirt, back into the machine. While steam cleaning does involve some chemicals, the chemicals used are less harsh than those in the dry extraction method. Steam cleaning is often more powerful than dry extraction, which is why it is a popular choice for carpet cleaning professionals, including Fresher Carpets Cov, an award-winning
company based in Coventry.

In order to protect your children from bacterial, allergens, and mould, work with a professional carpet cleaner to make sure your home is safe.

Why spend time choosing the best carpet cleaning service

How to choose the best carpet cleaning service

Toddling Children of age about 3-4 are more susceptible to get severe health risks due to unhygienic carpet issues, tracking to a new variety of stains and diseases. Nowadays carpet is also used in many homes because it provides warmth and cosy feelings. Carpets are used for decoration of your home because it looks decent on the floor. Carpets increase the value of your home. So, If you have children at your home then you should make sure that your carpet is being cleaned regularly. Some of the people don’t take carpet cleaning seriously and think that carpet can be cleaned completely by only using a vacuum cleaner if you are one of them?. You need to know why carpet cleaning is most important for your children


There are many diseases caused by dirty carpet because carpet fluffy texture provides the fine medium for the growth of many harmful bacteria, virus, and allergens. Norovirus is one of them which cause chronic disorders.
Norovirus can survive on your carpet for 4-6 weeks and when you walk on the carpet it contaminates air and finally when you inhale that contaminated air it cause many digestive disorders. Stomach flu is the most common disease caused by norovirus. Regular cleaning can inhibit their growth and prevents them from causing diseases.
Campylobacter, Kawasaki Synd, and salmonella are the other common diseases caused due to the dirty carpet.

Mould and Mildews :

Reactive air born diseases in children are increasing in many countries because, in winters, air is very moist and moisture in the air interact with carpet and enhance the growth of moulds and mildews in the carpet.
Mould is very toxic because it creates many respiratory chronic disorders as it contains many harmful, inflammation causing pathogens. These pathogens can cause lungs to a disorder like pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, and bronchitis type diseases. So to avoid these disease professional method should be adapted to clean the carpet from moulds and mildews.

Dust Mites:

These are the microscopic insects which live in fabrics, it is mostly found in carpets because in summers when children take dust with them from outside via sole of their shoes, dust settles deep in the carpet and provide an adequate medium for the growth of dust mites and dust is also the source of dust mites eggs. Dust mite can cause severe allergy to your children. Its symptoms are a runny or itchy nose, post nasal drip, itchy skin, and congestion etc. If you found these symptoms in your child you must take immediate action against dust mite

You can get rid of dust mites by cleaning carpet with a damp cloth and using vacuum cleaning. But the proper and effective way to get rid of dust mites is washing the whole carpet with hot water which is not possible at home in this case you have to consult a professional carpet cleaner.

Chemicals :

Carpet cleaning chemicals and other devices which are usually used at home leave many toxic stains on the carpet. These toxic stains can cause a number of severe health risks. Your toddling child not only gets disorders by swallowing these toxic stains but also by inhaling fumes.  So, a professional cleaning service is required to remove all these toxic stains.

Fresher carpets are professional carpet cleaners. We are proudly known in the whole industry because of our efficient services. We Provide you best carpet cleaning services, We use mould/non-toxic chemicals for carpet mould treatment. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction because patron relief is our first priority.

The growing importance of carpet cleaning

Understanding the importance of carpet cleaning

Removing bacteria that tends to build up in carpets in people homes is very important, especially for family members suffering from asthma and young children who like to crawl about on the carpet. It is also essential for those homes where there are pets. Having your carpets dry cleaned is very important in removing bacteria and germs that live on our carpets and floors.

Fresher Carpets are very important accessories for homes as they create a warm and friendly atmosphere in a home. They also create a good and safe place where little children can play.

Having dirty carpets in a family home is unhealthy for all people concerned. Over time carpets gather dust and bacteria, risking the lives of the people who use them. Keeping them clean is therefore very important. Health professionals advise that carpets should be thoroughly cleaned out at least once a year.

There are numerous reasons why people should have their carpets cleaned.

  1. One of the benefits of carpet cleaning in the removal and prevention of mould. Often carpets are exposed to water, which may not dry up completely and instead stay deep inside the fibres of the carpet. This creates a good environment for fungi to grow which can be dangerous to children, especially those who have sensitive skin.
  2. It provides children with a better and cleaner environment for playing since it is smooth thus preventing children from regularly falling when playing and also prevent children from sustaining damages in case they fall accidentally.
  3. Cleaning the carpet also gets rid of pollutant materials which are often hard to remove even when normal vacuuming is done. Pollutants on the carpet are not as healthy as they can make breathing difficult for children.
  4. Because of the heavy fibres that many carpets are made of and the warmth that they keep in those fibres, there are some insects such as dust mites that find carpets an ideal place to live. Research has shown that the body parts and dropping of these insects are the main causes of allergies and other minor infections, especially for little children. The high temperatures used by carpet cleaning equipment can get rid of these insects and make the carpets safer for use.
  5. Aside from cleanliness keeping the carpet in good shape, the positive effect can be seen all over the house. Carpets are typically visible and can make a lasting impression on visitors(children). A clean carpet enhances the appearance of the room and helps to keep the area neat. Cleaning the carpets with the right techniques helps to remove them effectively and provide everyone with a clean, relaxing environment. Using the appropriate cleaning solution is vital for prolonging the life of a carpet and sustains their quality. Well, cleaned carpets are visually appealing.
  6. Another advantage that you get out of carpet cleaning is that it extends the life of this fabric beyond years. This means it can be passed to the next generation that is to children. The beauty of any rug, expensive or inexpensive, is in the care it receives. A good quality carpet, if maintained in the right manner, can easily last for up to fifteen years hence making it possible to be passed to children.

Carpet Cleaning For Children

Why you should have your carpets cleaned with Children

Cleaned rug for family in Coventry
Cleaned rug for the family

Are you looking for carpet cleaning professionals? Do you know why carpet cleaning is so important when you have children? Well, read this article to find out. Parents have to take special care of making their home not only comfortable but also safe for their children. Children tend to get into a lot of trouble: climbing heights, putting things into their mouths, and rolling in whatever surface they’re playing in. Being as young as they are, they are vulnerable to a plethora of diseases. It is why things inside the house should never be left to accumulate particles and dirt, especially carpeting.

Kids love to play on carpets. They race their toy cars on them, play blocks or roll around tickling each other. When carpets are not properly cleaned, they may become a good breeding ground for germs, dirt, and allergens which can make kids sick. Most kids experience colds, allergies, skin irritation and even upper respiratory tract infection because of lounging around on dirty carpets. It is the reason why families who have kids should get their carpets cleaned and properly maintained by professionals.

Carpet care and maintenance

As a maintenance precaution, you must vacuum the carpet regularly to get rid of dirt, pet hairs, pollen and other particles which may accumulate. However, no matter how careful you are with your carpets, it will get dirty quickly, especially with your kids around. Dried mud, food and beverage stains, and spilt colouring materials are just some of the things carpets go through in a household that has children. It is why it’s inevitable that you’ll need the services of a carpet cleaner. However, no ordinary cleaner will do – you have to make sure that the company you go with employs child-friendly measures in cleaning.

Child-friendly cleaning methods

When you have children in your household, it’s important that all things have to be kid-friendly, even when it comes to carpet cleaning. If your kids roll around on the carpet during playtime, they will be exposed to whatever’s on the carpet. Most companies use strong chemicals when it comes to cleaning carpets. It ensures that the cleaning is thorough and hardened dirt is dislodged and removed. However, these chemicals stay in the fibres even after the cleaning. The only thing worse than rolling around on a dirty carpet is rolling around in one that has chemical residue. Children’s skin and respiratory tract are very fragile, and chemicals may cause irritation, allergy and a host of other complications.

Carpet cleaning is very important for families, especially for the well-being of their kids. However, you should remember to choose Fresher carpets Coventry company.

Why should you hire our services?

Well, we have been in this business for quite some time now. Our methods and cleansers are safe for children. Carpet cleaning should be a solution that keeps kids healthier and safer, not endanger them and expose them to strong chemicals. So, if you are ready to take your carpet hygiene to the next level, you know who to call.

We Receive an Award for Carpet Cleaning

Award-winning service in carpet cleaning

We have promised guaranteed satisfactory cleaning services and have been delivering. They have been making waves right from the get-go, with impeccable cleaning services and outstanding customer service. Awards are meant for the best among the best, and Fresher Carpets Coventry just happens to be the BEST!

This time, this outfit is bagging a recognition award as one of the best cleaning outfits in the whole of Coventry. Fresher carpets keep this record of excellent delivery as they keep using eco-friendly supplies, unlike many companies who despite using effective methods, have not adopted these eco-friendly strategies that prevent causing damages to the carpets.

Fresher carpets boast of a team of experienced and trained experts who take care of everything and clean up the whole place in the shortest time possible. You don’t have to wait days or months for them to deliver.

Not only that, Fresher carpets use the most powerful method in Coventry. They adopt a peculiar formula which gets rid of moisture, dust mites, allergens and toxins.

By making use of the most powerful and effective method in existence: Water extraction, they record a major ground-breaking success in carpet cleaning in the city of Coventry. Don’t take my word for it, check out their remarkable customer reviews.

With special tools and system, they inject a special formula of powerful cleaning substances with hot water; a formula which deeply cleans carpet and gets rid of germs and other pollutants that are deep in the carpet kills dangerous germ and toxins that can be hazardous to the health.

Family friendliness is a vital highlight of the Fresher Carpets methods. We all know how important a clean carpet is in our homes. During cold chilly days of winters, it protects your feet from the cold floor. On top of that, they make the home look amazing. However, when it gets contaminated by dirt, dust, germs and hazardous allergens like mites, it no longer fulfils its purpose. But with techniques used by Fresher Carpets Coventry, all those contaminations are being eradicated; turning the carpet from ugly and dirty to beautiful and clean, leaving the carpets as clean, beautiful and family friendly as ever.

Speaking “aesthetically”, Fresher Carpets Coventry Turns Your Carpet from Ugly and Dirty to Beautiful and Clean using methods that allow carpets to recover their original colours, appearance and beauty. It offers an overall long lasting result with the special water extraction method. They boast of solid service that offers excellent results without damaging your carpet.

Feedbacks on services have been amazing and such phrases as “we are satisfied”, “great job”, “my carpet is as good as new” and so on have been the trend.

This award given to Fresher Carpets is well-deserved because they keep putting customer satisfaction first. Now, Fresher Carpets Coventry is even motivated to deliver more than before, maintaining the habit of excellence.

So if you want unbeatable services and you want your money’s worth, you don’t have to look too far. Go to Fresher Carpets Coventry, and you won’t be disappointed.

Fresher Carpets Raises Money For Diabetes

Charity Day At Fresher Carpets

We have organised a fun run to raise money for people with diabetes. This charity event was a kind gesture of giving back to the city and offering financial support to diabetic patients.

What is diabetes?

It’s a serious disease caused by overly high blood glucose or blood sugar level. Glucose in your blood is your body’s core source of energy and can be gotten from the food you eat. Your body uses hormones made by the pancreas to transport glucose from the food to your cells, where it is used as energy. This hormone is known as insulin.
At times your body is unable to develop any, or just enough, insulin or might not make use of it properly. Glucose is then retained in the blood vessel and is not able to get to appropriate cells.

With time, an excessive accumulation of glucose in the blood vessel can cause deterioration of health. Although a cure hasn’t be found yet, there are certain steps that can limit how bad diabetes gets and invariably makes you stay healthy.
Most times diabetes is referred to as borderline diabetes or a touch of sugar. These terms are used to indicate that an individual doesn’t really have serious symptoms of diabetes, but it should be noted that diabetes is serious.

Type 1 diabetes makes your body unable to develop insulin. The immune system attacks and damages the pancreatic cells that make insulin. Although Type 1 diabetes is mostly diagnosed in adolescents and some teenagers, it can affect anyone at any age. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes require a substitute source of insulin daily.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, which causes the body unable to utilise. It has been diagnosed mostly in people that are middle-aged and older but can also develop at any age.

Gestational diabetes has been found to develop mostly in some pregnant women. Most of the time, this type of diabetes diminishes after childbirth.

If you’ve had gestational diabetes, there is a greater chance of you developing type 2 diabetes later in life. Type 2 diabetes is sometimes also diagnosed during pregnancy.
Some other types of diabetes include cystic fibrosis-related diabetes, and monogenic diabetes, which is inheritable.

Statistics show that as of 2015, 9.4 percent of the population, which is about 30.3 million people in the United States, was diagnosed with diabetes. More than 1 in 4 of them were unaware of this. Over the age of 65, it affects about 1-4 persons.

This statistics has prompted Fresher Carpets to join in the worldwide campaign against diabetes in their own way by organising a charity run in which money was raised to take care of affected patients within Coventry. People ran for free by raising vital funds. The fun run gave participants the opportunity to not only raise money for the cause but to also participate in a fun activity; the event was the metaphorical “killing two birds with one stone”.

Will colours run from my carpet

If I clean my carpets will the colours run?

Carpets come in all different types and colours. Most residential carpets have one colour running consistently throughout the whole carpet. There are a few carpets however which are a little more exciting. Carpets can be seen with patterns, shapes and words. Many older carpets had illustrious designs set within them.

When your carpet has different colours within it similar to rugs, and you are looking to clean the carpets. It is important to make sure all your colours will run once the carpet is being cleaned. When we refer to colours running, we are talking about one colour smudging the surface further than it should be. In turn, ruining the initial design of the carpet.

So the next question is how do we combat colours running while still keeping our carpets fresh and clean. The answer is to hire a skilled carpet cleaning technician. A skilled carpet cleaning technician Will always run tests on your carpet to ensure whether the colours right or not. If the colours truly do run, there is a solution which covers the area so the colours do not run anymore. The application of the solution should only be carried out by a skilled cleaning technician.

Fresher carpets run colour running tests whenever a client desires. Are also skilled at treating carpets so that colours stick and cleaning can be done. If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out and we will do our best to help you.