Coventry Carpet Cleaning Services Provided by Professionals

Cleaned rug for family in Coventry

What do we offer?

We offer high-quality carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial customers. We use the very best solutions and equipment when tackling carpet cleaning. Our machines are powerful and can remove you even the most ground in dirt.

Our staff are friendly and well trained

At Fresher Carpets Coventry our staff has been trained to a high standard. Our staff to represent our company and do a fantastic job. We train our staff to be pleasant to the customer and also in the skilled art of carpet cleaning.

We offer fast drying times

One feature we are proud of is our fast drying times. Our machines have high suction vacuums. These vacuums suck up a lot of the water which has originally been placed on the carpet. Leaving our carpets dry within a few hours.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

A large proportion of our customer base is residential or domestic carpet cleans. We work with many residential customers who clean their carpets for the following reasons.

  • Stains
  • After build
  • Moving property
  • Regular carpet clean

We are skilled in cleaning our customer’s carpets while respecting the fact that we are entering the customers home and making the process as least intrusive as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have you tried everything yet the results have left you disappointed?  Are you concerned about the several health risks your family is exposed to?  Are you ashamed of how dirty and ugly the carpeted areas of your house look?

You are tired because you know it’s a big problem and it deserves a solution.

The dirt, the dust, the pollutants, and germs must go away so your home can be beautiful and healthy again.

Moreover, all that dirt and dust is ruining your carpet and taking away its beautiful colours and appearance. The longer you wait the worse this situation will become…

We understand how you feel, but that’s why we come to the rescue offering you the best carpet cleaning in the area.

Want to know how we can help you transform the appearance of your carpet? Then come with us.

Our carpet cleaners have the best supplies and equipment to offer you a superior experience, so your home can be beautiful and clean again.  Check out our blog for more really interesting articles.

We will get rid of the dust, dirt, pollutants, stains and any anything else. If we can’t, then you don’t have to pay us.

If you require directions please click here. We can also visit your property or place of work if you need us to. Our local train station is located close by.

What else can you find close to us?

You can find us at Fresher Carpets Coventry, Suite 123, Access House, Read Street, Coventry, CV1 5PT
Tel – 024 7590 1015